Adoptapalooza September 2019

From Giant Fluffy Rabbits To Pets Wearing Snazzy Outfits, Every Year Adoptapalooza Gathers Over 500 Adoptable Animals From Over 40 Rescues.

This year, the Adoptapalooza’s management was passed from The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals to the organization Rock and Rawhide. 

Visitors enjoyed a dog training field, free microchipping, and emergency response planning with NYC emergency management. Pet owners could take professional photos with their pets and families while the kid’s corner offered caricatures, illustrations, and face painting. 

Adoptapalooza attracts all types of animal personalities, some being animal influencers with large followings, others being funky looking animals.

One of my favorites, the locally famous @nyyankeedog riding his skateboard in his iconic NY Yankees hat and sunglasses.

We also saw this funky little dog with cool sunglasses, I think she deserved a shoutout.

While walking around we encountered a kitty named Shelly from the rescue Little Wanderers NYC. This slightly underweight kitten was rescued after having his head stuck in a wall for four days! Nobody knows how he was able to withstand that long without food or water, perhaps it was just his will to live that kept him going. Luckily this little kitty was taken to Little Wanderers were he has been recovering quickly. He’s doing so well he made it to Adoptapalooza!

As of September 20th, Shelly has found an adopter and is currently waiting for move in! 

To Find A Companion Like Shelly And See Other Rescues That Participated In This Month’s Adoptapalooza Check Out The List Below!

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