Sounds Like NYC Ep. #020⎜Jennifer Marie Sanchez

On Episode 20 of Sounds LIke NYC, David Lozada got to sit down with Mixed Media Painter Jennifer Marie Sanchez! 

Using primarily Spray Paint, Acrylic, and Oils Paints on Canvas and, more recently, murals, Jennifer combines traditional painting styles with a very urban/graffiti art look.

Living in NYC all her life and being born into a very low-income Puerto Rican family, Jennifer had always told everyone she wanted to become a famous artist and use her art to help the community and the poor. 

Because she wants to live up to her dreams, Jennifer is always looking for opportunities to combine art with her passion for community service. 

Jennifer is currently selling prints of her most current painting to raise funds for an event gathering food and toiletries for the homeless in NYC.

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