Sounds Like NYC Ep. #043⎜CVMILLE

On Episode 43 of Sounds Like NYC, we got to sit down with singer, songwriter and producer Camille Aramburu (CVMILLE).

Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Camille decided to take the jump and move to NYC to further her musical career.

After going to school for music and finding the right people to help her produce her music, Camille was able to release her first single “Quiero”.

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let me serenade u

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When it comes to the music, I don’t necessarily set up for a specific genre that I want to make, it more so what I’m feeling, what I want to showcase, what I’m trying to have people feel.

Camille Aramburu (CVMILLE)

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Watch the music video for “Quiero” here: https://youtu.be/g8MHTe6fDbA

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